For as long as I can remember, the world revolves around the good, the bad, and the ugly. It doesn’t matter how much we try to hide and deny it, the fact that it is true still does not and will not change. Sometimes, even someone who looks and acts sincerely kind can have the darkest intentions. Nothing is ever really that safe in this world anymore that’s why it is important for us to be very careful and aware whether we are being taken advantage of already or even before it happens.

always verify to avoid scamsThis does not just happen in the daily world of human interaction because it also occurs in the world of commerce. A business is a business, but some few are smart enough to get ahead of you in a bad way. For example, companies that offer services can either deliver very well or not that much, like these NYC home contractor mentioned by Governor Cuomo. Sometimes, the price paid varies depending on the quality of service or even a product that is offered. Then there are others who ask you for either low or high price and gives you nothing in return. They could even hurt and harm your business in a way which is something that you should never allow.

Regarding SEO services like, picking the right company can be a challenge. However, knowing when a corporation is just trying to scam you is another. Through this list that we came up with, you might just be able to see through them if they are about to take money out of your pocket or if it’s going to be a worthy investment. Here are some of the things that you should not forget to spot a scam.

1. Too good to be true – This saying has been quite old but it the truth in it is timeless. You have probably already had that experience where you feel a hunch within, and you already know that it seems unreal. It’s the same with having such a wonderful thing happen to you that it becomes unbelievable, except- this one hasn’t happened yet but just imagining it seems impossible but beautiful already. Yes, it’s good, and it would be great if it’s true, but you have to understand that SEO is not easy and it isn’t magic. It takes time, and it takes effort plus consistency. You have to remember that an SEO company that offers realistic probable results are a lot way more reliable than those who give you what you want to hear because making it happen is something else.

2. Connection – When they start telling you that they “know somebody at Google,” you should already start running. First, knowing somebody inside Google or any other search engine companies does not help at all because they are under contract where they have agreed to confidentiality terms and trying to break any of them will certainly get them into trouble. Second, if they did know somebody, how much do they pay that person just to get him to do what they want? I mean, come on- a man won’t be able to do that much against a whole company with a bunch of other experts. It’s unethical, and it’s degrading. There is no need for you to deal with such and get connected with someone who just either straight out lies to you or is purely nasty.

3. Submission – There are a lot of search engines that you can use, but even if you start listing them all out, it probably won’t reach hundreds. If they tell that they are going to submit your website to hundreds of search engines; know that it’s a lie. Honestly, I only have Google, Yahoo, and MSN in mind. Although I am aware that there’s more, what difference does it do if you find a hundred search engines if it’s not the one that most of the people use? Do your research and try to understand the basics. This would then help you out when someone tries to trick you into believing that they can do more.

Be Warned on SEO Scams
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