Mean Girls Reunion?

Posted by Mylor on April 28, 2014


This year, the movie Mean Girls celebrated its 10th anniversary! The creator of the movie, comedian and actress Tina Fey has been working on a reunion special that may or may not turn out to be another movie. Lindsay Lohan, who played one of the main characters said on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that Tina Fey already had other major cast members like Amy Poehler as Mrs. George were onboard for the idea. However the anniversary is going to be celebrated, I’m excited!


Photo Credit: TMZ

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Lindsay Lohan is low on cash!

Posted by admin on April 2, 2013

The Weinstein Company's 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Party - ArrivalsI know, Lindsay isn’t exactly rolling in the dough like she once was in her hay day but things are getting kind of real for the actress. She has now resorted to selling her valuables to pay her bills. Lindsay had her younger sister Ali sell some of her designer clothes which only got her a fraction of what she paid for them. I guess even with all her current acting rolls, she’s still catching up on past due bills. We’re all human right!


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Worst Movie Ever?

Posted by admin on March 26, 2013

original (1)The movie, called InAPPropriate Comedy, earned $172,000 from 275 theaters this weekend,making about $625 per theater.

According to its IMDb description, the Freestyle Releasing film follows what happens when “a computer tablet full of the world’s most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy.”

Um ok. SO Lindsay will take money from this but not from Charlie Sheen. Makes sense.



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Justin Bieber shades Lindsay Lohan and then apologizes

Posted by admin on March 14, 2013

JBieberJustin Bieber made a rude comment about Lindsay on instagram (what else is new right?) about how he is unfairly judged in the media, but instead of relishing in the negativity he decided to apologize about it. He told TMZ cameras that after he posted it, he soon regretted it and now says he was wrong and he’s sorry. The phrase he said was “…to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements :).” At least he apologized!


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Lindsay Lohan has been arrested…again.

Posted by admin on November 29, 2012

Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested Thursday after police said she slapped a woman at a New York City nightclub.

She was arrested at 4 a.m. and charged with third-degree assault .She left a police precinct four hours later.

So lets see this brings her arrests to how many? Lets see, she was involved in a NYPD investigation in September after alleging a man had assaulted her. Then, the actress was accused of clipping a man with her car. In October, police were called after a report of fight between her and her mother. THEN she was also involved in a car accident in California this summer. In May, she was cleared of allegations that she struck a Hollywood nightclub manager with her car. And lastly, Lohan remains on informal probation for taking a necklace from a jewelry store without permission last year. Is this real life?



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Lindsay Lohan Blowout with her Mom

Posted by admin on October 10, 2012

getty images

Police were called in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, just after Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina spent all night partying in New York City.

Lindsay and Dina began to argue in the car on the way home and things started to get heated.

Sources say that Lindsay sustained a cut on her leg and some property damage. There is no word of any actual crime.



Lindsay Lohan Update

Posted by admin on June 12, 2012

Getty Images

In the past week, Lindsay Lohan has been in the tabloids again. This time she crashed her Porsche and claimed that she wasn’t driving. Lohan later said that she was driving and the brakes gave out.

The new story that is surfacing is the police found alcohol in her trunk and it was hidden in a water bottle.




Lindsay Lohan’s New Job(s)

Posted by admin on February 21, 2012

Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has been working so hard to get her career back on top and now she has two new jobs. She has been signed on to host SNL in March and she has been selected to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie. Lohan needs to stay out of trouble and she will still have the role.

Lohan’s next court day is Feb. 22nd. We will find out how well she is doing on her probation.


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Lindsay Lohan Revealing all…Again

Posted by admin on January 4, 2012

Lindsay Lohan may not be able to top her much anticipated Playboy cover but she sure is trying. Lindsay is on the cover of Maxim Australia in a skimpy 2 piece. She talked about everything from her personal life troubles to her girl crush on actress Michelle Rodriguez.

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Lindsay Lohan’s New Job

Posted by admin on December 22, 2011

Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has a new job after her Playboy spread. Lohan is the new face of Jag Jeans and the pictures was shot at the SLS Hotel in L.A.

The person who shot the photos is Yu Tsai who also shot the Playboy photos.


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