Ke$ha – C’Mon

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Ke$ha and Foster the People BANNED from Radio Stations after Conneticut Shooting!

Posted by B Shorty on December 19, 2012

Radio stations across the country have pulled Ke$ha’s pop hit “Die Young” and Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” in the wake of the Dec. 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Radio stations from Los Angeles to Connecticut have pulled the song because of its title and chorus.

Ke$ha is claiming that the songs lyrics made her uncomfortable to begin with, but she was forced to sing the song. Ke$ha tweeted Tuesday, “I’m so so so sorry for anyone who has been effected by this tragedy and I understand why my song is now inappropriate. Words cannot express.”

Radio stations have also stopped playing Foster the People’s, “Pumped Up Kicks,” which despite its upbeat tempo, is actually about a homicidal teen — and was reportedly inspired by the Columbine school shooting.



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NEW MUSIC Ke$ha – Die Young

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Ke$ha Gets Wild: “We Are All Animals”

Posted by admin on September 7, 2011
Kesha, Your Love is my Drug videoWe’re happy to report that the outlandish Animal singer has gone to the dogs…

Ke$ha has been named as the Humane Society International’s first global ambassador.

“I take this opportunity incredibly seriously because we are ALL animals,” Ke$ha said in a statement released earlier today. “One of the main underlying sentiments of my music is to respect all living creatures just as they are.”

Her initial works includes urging fans to sign the HSI’s Cruelty-Free 2013 petition to stop cosmetic product testing on animals.

“The opportunity with Ke$ha is going to bring new audiences and attention to our issues worldwide,” HSI Vice President Kitty Block tells us. “Ke$ha is young and has a huge following and a huge compassion for animals, so it was a perfect fit to work together.”

From E! Online.

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Britney Spears’ Till The World Ends Remix

Posted by admin on April 24, 2011

Take a listen to the newest remix of Britney Spears’ Till The World Ends with Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj.



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Avril Lavigne Covers Ke$ha’s Tik Tok

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Video: Ke$ha- Blow

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Ke$ha’s Next Album

Posted by admin on February 23, 2011

Ke$ha has announced she is making a new album and it will be called “I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album.” It will be released on March 22nd.

Some of the songs that will be include in the album are, ‘Blow’, ‘Sleazy’, ‘Tik Tok’, and ‘We R Who We R.’ Ke$ha is also making the music video for her new single ‘Blow’ and went on Twitter, “Just saw the final cut of my new video for BLOW all I can say is HOT DAMN.”


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Ke$ha Being Sued for $14 Million

Posted by admin on January 26, 2011

Is Ke$ha's time "Tik Tok"ing?

Ke$ha is being sued by former managers at DAS Communications for allegedly breaching a contract.  DAS Communications sued the singer in New York in May for $14 million, claiming she owed them money from her successful 2010 album.  Ke$ha responded with a countersuit in California, saying she didn’t owe anyone anything, because she fired DAS in 2008.

DAS Communications  is still pursuing their claim, becoming anxious about Ke$ha’s ability to pay the $14 million they feel they are owed.  DAS said in court papers that Ke$ha “is a very young and inexperienced artist whose ‘star’ may not continue to rise. In other words, DAS is urging the court to speed up its decision before Ke$ha’s 15 minutes of fame are up.

~ Sapphire

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Ke$ha’s Party Tour

Posted by admin on January 20, 2011

The year 2011 is full of tours from a whole bunch of artists and Ke$ha is one of them. She says her Get $leazy tour will be “a ridiculously fun dance party.” Her tour will start in February in Portland, Ore.

Ke$ha says this will “be surprising because I’m going to show people a few more aspects of my musicianship and personality that you might not be expecting. I play a lot of instruments … and I can dance and I can really, really sing, so I’m going to be doing all that and, meanwhile, covering everybody in glitter.”


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