LeAnn Rimes gets attention for bizarre ‘X Factor’ performance

Posted by admin on December 24, 2012

Maybe any press isn’t always good press? Country singer, LeAnn Rimes, seemed drunk, unstable and looked like a hot mess on the X Factor stage last Wednesday as she was performing her hit “How do I live” with finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar. Not to mention, LeAnn stumbled a couple of times and tried to out sing the 13 year old, often shouting. She sounded horrible! Check out the embarrassment below!

(Country singer Tate Stevens won X Factor and LeAnn Rimes stated she wasn’t on any drugs or alcohol during this performance.)





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When is this flight over? >_>

Posted by admin on June 23, 2011

*ding* Oops, sorry. :"

When it comes to vacations, sometimes getting there is half the battle. If you’ve ever flown before there’s probably some annoyance that you’ve experienced or worse, something embarrassing happened.

It could be anything from the seats being too cramped, the call button’s placement next to reading light or the “snacks” airlines provide. Or it could be something entirely different that annoys you.

Thankfully, it looks like one of these annoyances is being fixed.

What annoyances do you have with flying and/or have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you before/during/after a flight?

Image: Tim Beach /

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