Saturday Morning Polka

A Tribute to Betty Crano. You can still hear her recorded on WZIP giving you information on the email address, contact information or even how to support the program every Saturday. Much Love to her family from everyone at WZIP.


Betty Crano and her husband Sam started helping with the broadcast of Saturday Morning Polkas min August of 1979. Betty would answer phone requests for Polka Celebrations and was also an ‘On Air’ presonality announcing those celebrations. She endeared herself to the listeners with her wonderful personality and enthusiasm for Polka and Waltz music. When she was unable to make a broadcast listeners would ask “Where is Betty?”.

Saturday Morning Polkas has become a very popular program at WZIP over the years thanks in part to the efforts of Betty and her dedication to the program

The next time you’re listening to us, or any Polka music, give a little nod toward Heavan knowing Betty is looking down very glad you are enjoying the music.

Your Polka Crew; Diane DeGasperis, Barb Zuchniak, Fred Carty, Dale Fashinpaur, and Matt Schafer


Betty Crano & Matt Schafer


Tune in to WZIP’s Saturday Morning Polka Program, hosted by Matt Shafer, Fred Carty, Diane DeGasperis, Barb Zuchniak, & Dale Fashinpaur.

Every Saturday Morning from 8am-Noon on 88.1 FM on Z88!

Saturday Polka Crew

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