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A Tribute to Betty Crano

Posted by admin on October 2, 2014


Betty Crano and her husband Sam started helping with the broadcast of Saturday Morning Polkas min August of 1979. Betty would answer phone requests for Polka Celebrations and was also an ‘On Air’ presonality announcing those celebrations. She endeared herself to the listeners with her wonderful personality and enthusiasm for Polka and Waltz music. When she was unable to make a broadcast listeners would ask “Where is Betty?”.

Saturday Morning Polkas has become a very popular program at WZIP over the years thanks in part to the efforts of Betty and her dedication to the program

The next time you’re listening to us, or any Polka music, give a little nod toward Heavan knowing Betty is looking down very glad you are enjoying the music.

Your Polka Crew; Diane DeGasperis, Barb Zuchniak, Fred Carty, Dale Fashinpaur, and Mtt Schafer


Betty Crano & Matt Schafer      

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Member Of The Week (September 29th – October 6th)

Posted by Deanna Moore on September 29, 2014

402916_499777446718854_1875716322_nName: Ben H. Genet

Major: Radio/TV

Minor: Political Science

Age: 22

Date of Birth: November 8th

Year in School: 5th

When did you start working for WZIP/ZTV: 2013

Primary Department WZIP: Sports

Best Memory so far of WZIP/ZTV: Mac Media Day

Your Favorite Place To Visit: Penn State

You Wouldn’t Catch Me Dead: On So Chic

I Am Most Like This Animal: Manatee because I am Big and Cute.

My Hobbies Include: Sports and Games

Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road

Favorite TV Show: Arrow

Personal Motto: Live Life, Love Life, and Thank God Every Day, He Gives You Tomorrow

Favorite Quote: “Do or Do Not, There is No Try” —- Yoda

Advice for New Members: Hard Work Will Pay Off. The Hard Work Starts Here.

Something No One Knows About You: I Want To Be On So Chic.

Anything Else You Want People To Know About You: I Am A Level 43 Wizard.



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Chelsea Clinton welcomes baby!

Posted by Mylor on September 27, 2014


On September 26th, 2014, Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed their first child together, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. The child was born at 7:03pm according to Chelsea Clinton. New grandparents Bill and Hilary Clinton shared their joy and excitement on social media as well. Welcome to the world, Charlotte!


Photo Source: E! News

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Florida Georgia Line Singer Engaged

Posted by Caroline Hupp on September 24, 2014



Photo cred:

Tyler Hubbard propsed to girlfriend Hayley Stommel on Monday during a helicopter ride and the pair are now engaged.

“This will truly be a life of happiness and love forever” says Hubbard.





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Drive Thru Order Goes Wrong

Posted by Trinity on September 23, 2014

hamburgerTampa man was obviously hungrier then he thought this past weekend a man threatened a drive thru worker because he was unable to change his order at the second window. Dechazo Harris told the worker that if he didn’t give him his cheese burger he was going to shoot him…..Was it ever that serious, maybe to Harris he is now in jail for aggravated assault all over a cheeseburger.








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The PinkPrint has a release date!

Posted by Mylor on September 13, 2014


Barbz!!! The anticipated third studio album from multi-talented artist, Nicki Minaj has a release date! Her Minajesty herself took to Twitter to tell her 18 million followers that the PinkPrint will be released later this year on November 24th, 2014. Once this album is released, it is going to be Minaj’s first body of work in 2 and a half years. Nicki has taken a great deal of time to perfect this album so the result won’t be anything less than great.

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Severe Storms Hit Northeastern Ohio, Stow Homes Damaged

Posted by Deanna Moore on September 11, 2014

Damaged Stow HomeLast night around 5:30 pm, a possible tornado touched down in the community of Stow, Ohio. The storm damaged homes and in one case major structual damage when the storm blew part of the roof off of a home on the corner of Bunker Lane and Berwin Drive. Thankfully no one was hurt, just shooken up.

To read more on this story

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Drew Carey pledges 10K for arrest of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bullies

Posted by Mylor on September 7, 2014


Drew Carey, who is the host of the popular game show, “The Price is Right” is offering $10,000 to a reward fund of the Bay Villiage Police Department in Ohio in hopes of finding the bullies of a 14 year old autistic boy who was challenged to perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, instead of having a bucket of cold water being dumped on him, it was a bucket full of human excrements. This touched Drew Carey’s heart so much, he also pledged to donate $10,000 to Autism Speaks if the perpetrators were apprehended. ALS is a diseases that affectst neuromuscular functions of the human body and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been bring aware to it over the past several months on social media.

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Real Housewife of Alanta husband writes tell all book

Posted by MoNetti on September 6, 2014
Apollo Nida, Phaedra’s husband from The Real Housewifes of Atlanta is putting together a tell all book, although he serves his eight year prison sentence starting on September 10th  for bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and identity theft. His book will include different series of events in his life, his relationship with Phaedra Parks, The Real Housewifes of Atlanta, and his road down the wrong path. According to TMZ a photoshoot for the cover of the book has already tooken place and he has a team of ghostwriters who will complete the book prior to him going to jail. Phaedra was not present at his sentencing and Apollo doesn’t think his marriage will survive the eight years while he’s away. Hopefully his book will become a New York Times Best Seller so the proceeds will help him pay off $1.9 million dollars in restitution that he owes.


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Mariah Madness!

Posted by B Shorty on September 4, 2014

mariah n Wow . . .

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have started the divorce process.

Not only did the “Heartbreaker” Mariah Carey crush Nick Cannons heart, but she is also “allegedly”  trying to crush his CAREER! The Ricahrd Pryor biopic is being made by Lee Daniels-who just  happens to be one of Mariah’s besties! Now that the two have split, Lee has dropped him from the film.



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