Nowadays, a washing machine and a dryer are one of the common necessities in most households. It helps to cut down your time and energy you spend doing laundry. But at present, with so many options and so many features, it has really become a difficult task to choose the right one for you.

While you are planning to buy a new washer or a dryer, you will find that it is loaded with many features. But you have to be tricky while choosing the right one for you. Though the market is brimming with some of the best choices of these appliances, should you go for a stacked set, top load or front load, or all-in-one washers and dryers?

There are endless questions. But it is you who know better which appliance is perfect for you depending upon the size of your family and the quantity of your laundry. The following are some of the features that you will look for in your washing machine.

  • Loading Capacity

Doing laundry can be a tedious choreYou must have to be very careful while choosing the washing machine with the right capacity. As overloading your washer will give you an unsatisfied cleaning and if your machine is not properly filled, then it will waste a lot of electricity and water. So, you have to choose a washer that is just appropriate for you considering loads of your laundry.

  • Extended Spin

If your machine is featured with an extra spin cycle, then it’s great for heavy items like towels and comforters. It squeezes the excess water from these heavy items and helps these bulky items to dry faster.

  • Extra rinse cycle

This feature of your machine ensures to remove extra dirt and detergent from your clothes. It gives an additional rinse at the end of the cycle to ensure that the dust, dirt, and excess detergent are thoroughly flushed out. It is a good option if any of your family members are prone to allergy or have sensitive skin.

  • The material of the drum

Don’t get overwhelmed by seeing the outer beauty and design of your washer. Carefully examine the internal set up also. Mainly the drum, as all your dirty stuff is going to be washed inside the machine.

The drums having the stainless steel body are the most choice able for the washers as they are the smoothest and the long lasting material. They are mostly found in the H-E washing machines. Moreover, there is also porcelain finished and plastic tubs.  But they have their own disadvantages. The porcelain wash tubs can wear away over time while the plastic wash tubs are not suitable for the high-speed spin cycles.

  • Automatic water levels

If your machine is featured with this feature of automatic water levels, then you can save a lot on your water bills. Some of the new models of washers have sensors to tell you how full your machine is, so that, you can adjust the water level accordingly. It would be a brilliant idea to buy one such model as you can lower the waste of water.

Do you have forgetful people in your family?

Most of the washing machines lock the loading door and takes a pretty long time to unlock. So, it becomes difficult for you to throw cleaning stuff into your machine once your machine is turned on. And in most of the families, there might be some forgetful person who might always forget the last sock or decides at the last moment that some soiled clothes are still left to be given into the machine.

If so, make sure to go for a washing machine where the door can be easily opened after the cycle has been started. In some of the new machines, there is also one small inbuilt door into the main door which helps you to toss in some of your unclean clothes that are forgotten even if the cycle is running.

If you have decided to buy a specific model of dryer, you must look for these following features while buying the same.

  • Capacity

Capacity is a vital point that you have to look for your dryer. Firstly, you have to notice whether they are capable of holding more laundry items than your washer or not. That’s because when your clothes are wet, they become fluffier and take up more space to dry.

If the size of your dryer is smaller than your washer, then you have to dry your wet clothes in shifts. To avoid this problem just go for a dryer whose size is about double the size of your washer. If you regularly have to wash a good quantity of clothes, then it is wise to go for an extra-large capacity.

  • Moisture Sensor

It acts just like the sensors of the washing machines. It tells you how much water is required to fill the tank. Moreover, it also tells you how damp your clothes are so that you can adjust the drying time. It prevents your fabrics from being over-dried thereby saving energy and money.

  • NSF Certified

If your dryer is NSF certified, it guarantees to kill about 99% bacteria while drying your clothes.

  • Stainless Steel Drum

Just like the washing machine you can also opt for a dryer with a stainless steel drum to ensure that it can absorb the maximum odor. It can also reduce the static cling in your clothes.

Washer warrantyIs a warranty needed?

Almost every appliance comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer. However, some of the reputed companies also provide an extended warranty on the motors of washing machines and the drums of dryers. This extended warranty period is really beneficial for you when a lump sum amount is related to your purchase.

However, if your machine or dryer is way past the warranty period, always keep the phone number for washer/dryer unit repairs in Dallas handy. For any technical assistance or consultation, you can call them and find out what’s wrong with your machine and get it working in no time.

Washers and dryers are quite big appliances. So, sometimes you might find it difficult to get them into your house easily. Whatever may be the type of your machine, be sure to keep an extra space of four to six inches behind the washer and dryer to adjust the hook-ups. Also, don’t forget to keep an inch or so around the sides and top to ensure proper air flow and making an easy movement.

Moreover, stackable dryers and washers come in small models. It is ideal for a small family having lighter loads of laundry. But they too have certain cons. The control panel of the dryer and the drum are elevated. So, this feature may add some trouble to the short height people as they might find it difficult to pull the last item out from the dryer.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Washer and Dryer
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