————— THE MUSIC TEAM —————


Behind the scenes of WZIP, the Music Department is always hard at work! While your favorite DJ is playing the newest and hottest tunes on the airwaves,the Music Department is busy hunting down and programming in the next big thing to hit the scene.

The department is head up by two directors who are responsible for listening to and recording in each and every one of the songs that you hear on WZIP, as well as assembling playlists, editing music, selecting and programming rotations for each of the songs, and maintaining contacts with artists and record companies.

In addition to the directors, the Music Department consists of a small group of members who aid in making music decisions, editing, contacting record companies big and small, and backing up our music on to carts in case the computer experiences some technical difficulties.





Do you ever stop to think who is on the air between songs? How about the people who remind you what station you’re listening to?

The production department allows for a smooth transition from the music to the disc jockey and back by producing legal ID’s, segues, and promos for listening between songs.





The Promotions Department is one of the behind the scenes departments at WZIP. Its goal is to get someone who has never listened to the station to try us out. We want to maintain our top ratings by keeping as many listeners as possible.

The Promotions Team is always willing to work with schools, youth organizations and community groups to give them an inside look at the positive and educational WZIP-FM experience.

How does WZIP get its name out? The department provides:

  • Station Tours for Prospective and Current Students
  • Staff and Faculty School Visits to Area High Schools
  • Public Promotions – Parades, personal appearances
  • Community activities

If you are interested in having WZIP’s Promotions Team visit your school or organization, or if you would like to visit us, please contact us for more details.

————— THE SPORTS TEAM —————


The Z88 Sports Network at WZIP does their best every year to supply the best possible coverage of sports and sporting events to our community.

Our sports team provides updates on scores, transactions, and the latest news from inside the sports world throughout our regular programming,and interacts with the community every Sunday on Power Talk, discussing both national and local sports topics with a live call-in audience.

Formerly know as “The Power in Akron Sports Team”, the Z88 Sports Network has always prided itself on hard work, dedication, and constant improvement, and look forward to doing so for years to come.




As a non-commercial radio station, Underwriting is our way of thanking businesses for making donations to help keep our programming on the air.

It is this advertising that makes the music at WZIP possible. Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations donate money to WZIP. WZIP thenprovides information on the business or organization to the listening audience.

 The donor statement over WZIP can include:

  • The name of business or organization
  • The address and/or location
  • The phone number
  • A value-neutral description of the service or product line
  • A website address

WZIP offers underwriting to companies in different packages and payment terms. All contributions to WZIP are Tax Deductible!

The money that the station receives through underwriting helps fund WZIP. It also provides the money to purchase the materials and equipment needed to run operate the station.

The Underwriting Team contacts businesses and organizations to donate money to the station. Underwriting keeps listeners tuned in. In addition to keeping our listeners tuned in, it also provides them with information about local businesses and events.

If your or someone you know is interested in taking advantage of the benefits of WZIP, please call the WZIP business line at (330) 972-7105. One of our underwriters will be glad to assist you.

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