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The PinkPrint has a release date!

Posted by Mylor on September 13, 2014


Barbz!!! The anticipated third studio album from multi-talented artist, Nicki Minaj has a release date! Her Minajesty herself took to Twitter to tell her 18 million followers that the PinkPrint will be released later this year on November 24th, 2014. Once this album is released, it is going to be Minaj’s first body of work in 2 and a half years. Nicki has taken a great deal of time to perfect this album so the result won’t be anything less than great.

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Set To Become Second Highest Grossing Tour

Posted by Mylor on August 30, 2014


In the shadow of the now infamous elevator attack that produced rumor after rumor about the state of the power couple’s relationship, Beyonce and Jay Z, throught their joint “On The Run” tour, will, by the end of the tour, amass around $100 million in ticket sales. According to Forbes magazine, this is the second highest grossing tour, which would put them behind U2′s “360″ tour, that garnered $736 million. Whatever “problems” the couples are going through, nothing seems to pull their focus away from the money.

Photo Source: Fiber Magazine

Source: Forbes

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Justin Bieber’s cover art for “We Were Born For This” called theft by Paramore Fans

Posted by Mylor on May 5, 2014

Justin Bieber’s latest song, which doesn’t seem to be an official single, a calm, melodious tune called “We Were Born For This” has its cover art angering Paramore fans that seem to think the font chosen to make the cover has too much of a resemblance to the cover for Paramore’s “Riot” album. Neither Justin Bieber or Paramore have commented on the issue.

Riot cover art:


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Happy Birthday Chris Brown!

Posted by Ashleigh Morghan on May 5, 2014

Chris Brown is not free yet but that is not stopping his gf Karrueche Tran, she is still celebrating his 25th Birthday!! Chris Brown is still behind bars while his lawyer figures everything out with his lawsuit. Karrueche uploaded this photo of them with party hats on along with a comment saying “Happy Birthday Christopher I love and miss you.. Can’t wait to give you a big kiss and hug”. That is a so adorable! A good birthday gift would be releasing Chris Brown, but let’s hope this time he will keep up with his rules about probation. -Ashleigh M                                                    Source


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Mean Girls Reunion?

Posted by Mylor on April 28, 2014


This year, the movie Mean Girls celebrated its 10th anniversary! The creator of the movie, comedian and actress Tina Fey has been working on a reunion special that may or may not turn out to be another movie. Lindsay Lohan, who played one of the main characters said on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that Tina Fey already had other major cast members like Amy Poehler as Mrs. George were onboard for the idea. However the anniversary is going to be celebrated, I’m excited!


Photo Credit: TMZ

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Beyonce featured on a new track with Boots

Posted by Mylor on April 28, 2014

Beyonce is back with new music! Sort of. She featured on a track called “Dreams” by an artist named Boots who produced some of the tracks on her surprise album, “Beyonce”.

Have a listen below:

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Do You Think Celebrities Are Obligated to Give Back because of their success?

Posted by Taylor Flinn on April 24, 2014


The old saying goes ” Mo money, Mo Problems”. With the success that celebrities have once they make it, do you think they have to give back to others less fortune? Some may think you have to earn your success and others may think its a “pay it forward” thing. Comment below with how you feel about this topic.

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Miley Cyrus Forced to Cancel US Leg of ‘Bangerz Tour’

Posted by Mylor on April 19, 2014


Due to a bad reaction to antibiotics, Miley Cyrus has been forced to cancel the remainder of the U.S. leg of her ‘Bangerz’ Tour. Miley is definitely disappointed about the events that have transpired with her health saying on Twitter that she can’t, “quit crying” and that she, “wants to go back on tour”. She has been using social media to update her fans on her condition, uploading the above selfie to Instagram. Her team insists the European leg of the tour will go ahead as planned and the shows she cancelled will be rescheduled for August. I wish her a speedy recovery. 


Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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How Do You Feel About Your Signifcant Other having their Phone Locked?

Posted by Taylor Flinn on April 3, 2014

imagesCAH4531ODo you think the person that your dating should have a lock on their phone? Or Are you the person who wants to have a lock on your phone? Tell us how you feel about your signifcant other having a lock on their phone or why you feel you should be able to have a lock on your phone. Comment Below!

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The Craziest Tattoo Ever

Posted by Taylor Flinn on March 27, 2014

xmcdonalds-receipt-tattoo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.X1cJt1zQQk This 18 year kid from Norway has made a huge decision that he cant take back. He was pressured to get a tattoo and he picked a receipt from a fast food restaurant. I’m pretty sure in the next 20 years its going to be a bunch of old folks in a nursing homes with wrinkled tattoo bodies. Comment below to the craziest tattoo you have ever seen.

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