Beyoncé Wears Animal Shoes and PETA is Angry

Posted by MoNetti on March 1, 2013

elle-pmk-sneakers-deBeyoncé Knowles is good for pushing the limits and stepping out as an individual and PETA is fine with that as along as she doesn’t step out with animal shoes. Knowles teamed up with PMK and designer Isabel Marant to create a sneaker wedge with calf hair, ostrich, crocodile,anaconda, and stingray animal skin and PETA is not happy. They slammed her when she wore a leather costume at the Super Bowl and she wears mink false eyelashes. PETA has no comment but if Beyoncé doesn’t want her outfit ruin on the

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red carpet by PETA supporters and their extreme antics, I suggest she says goodbye to fur.




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