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The PinkPrint has a release date!

Posted by Mylor on September 13, 2014


Barbz!!! The anticipated third studio album from multi-talented artist, Nicki Minaj has a release date! Her Minajesty herself took to Twitter to tell her 18 million followers that the PinkPrint will be released later this year on November 24th, 2014. Once this album is released, it is going to be Minaj’s first body of work in 2 and a half years. Nicki has taken a great deal of time to perfect this album so the result won’t be anything less than great.

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Severe Storms Hit Northeastern Ohio, Stow Homes Damaged

Posted by Deanna Moore on September 11, 2014

Damaged Stow HomeLast night around 5:30 pm, a possible tornado touched down in the community of Stow, Ohio. The storm damaged homes and in one case major structual damage when the storm blew part of the roof off of a home on the corner of Bunker Lane and Berwin Drive. Thankfully no one was hurt, just shooken up.

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Drew Carey pledges 10K for arrest of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bullies

Posted by Mylor on September 7, 2014


Drew Carey, who is the host of the popular game show, “The Price is Right” is offering $10,000 to a reward fund of the Bay Villiage Police Department in Ohio in hopes of finding the bullies of a 14 year old autistic boy who was challenged to perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, instead of having a bucket of cold water being dumped on him, it was a bucket full of human excrements. This touched Drew Carey’s heart so much, he also pledged to donate $10,000 to Autism Speaks if the perpetrators were apprehended. ALS is a diseases that affectst neuromuscular functions of the human body and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been bring aware to it over the past several months on social media.

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Real Housewife of Alanta husband writes tell all book

Posted by MoNetti on September 6, 2014
Apollo Nida, Phaedra’s husband from The Real Housewifes of Atlanta is putting together a tell all book, although he serves his eight year prison sentence starting on September 10th  for bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and identity theft. His book will include different series of events in his life, his relationship with Phaedra Parks, The Real Housewifes of Atlanta, and his road down the wrong path. According to TMZ a photoshoot for the cover of the book has already tooken place and he has a team of ghostwriters who will complete the book prior to him going to jail. Phaedra was not present at his sentencing and Apollo doesn’t think his marriage will survive the eight years while he’s away. Hopefully his book will become a New York Times Best Seller so the proceeds will help him pay off $1.9 million dollars in restitution that he owes.


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Mariah Madness!

Posted by B Shorty on September 4, 2014

mariah n Wow . . .

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have started the divorce process.

Not only did the “Heartbreaker” Mariah Carey crush Nick Cannons heart, but she is also “allegedly”  trying to crush his CAREER! The Ricahrd Pryor biopic is being made by Lee Daniels-who just  happens to be one of Mariah’s besties! Now that the two have split, Lee has dropped him from the film.



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Kris Allen in Studio!

Posted by admin on September 4, 2014

Cobra on the Mic with Kris Cobra & Kris at WZIP

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Set To Become Second Highest Grossing Tour

Posted by Mylor on August 30, 2014


In the shadow of the now infamous elevator attack that produced rumor after rumor about the state of the power couple’s relationship, Beyonce and Jay Z, throught their joint “On The Run” tour, will, by the end of the tour, amass around $100 million in ticket sales. According to Forbes magazine, this is the second highest grossing tour, which would put them behind U2′s “360″ tour, that garnered $736 million. Whatever “problems” the couples are going through, nothing seems to pull their focus away from the money.

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And The Winner Is…….

Posted by Deanna Moore on August 27, 2014

The winner of the free WZIP/ZTV T-Shirt from the Week of Welcome Drawing is Walter Pechenvk.

WZIP Directors Christian Davenport, Deanna Moore, and Cody Brown picking the winner.

WZIP Directors Christian Davenport, Deanna Moore, and Cody Brown picking the winner.

Winner Picked!


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Chris Brown Is A Free Man!!!!

Posted by Drea on June 2, 2014

chris brownThe 25-year-old singer was released from a Los Angeles County jail at 12:01 a.m. Monday, says L.A. Sheriff’s deputy Tony Moore. Brown has been in custody since mid-March for violating his probation stemming from his 2009 assault on Rihanna. On May 9, L.A. Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin sentenced Chris Bown to one year in jail. He received credit for 234 days of time already served in jail and court-ordered rehab, which left him with 131 days to serve. A number of factors were considered, though, and officials gave him an early release. Shortly after his release, Chris Brown tweeted, “Humbled and Blessed…Back to the Music Music and the Fans…Thank you.”


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Maroon 5′s Adam Levine Switches It Up

Posted by MoNetti on May 5, 2014

Getty ImagesWe all are used to Adam Levine rocking his die hard brunette hair but as the summer approaches he decides to spice things up.  He dies his hair platinum blonde stating on twitter “Apocalypse prep course complete.” Levine’s stylist Shaul Arbiv  the tells People magazine that he was ready for another change.”With summer months coming up we wanted to do something totally drastic and different from his previous styles so we bleached it,” Arbiv said. “I have been working with Adam for a long time and he likes to change up his style often.” Only time will tell which next color Adam will experiment with.


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