Music for your Soul: How Music Therapy Heals Our Inner and Outer Wounds

To most people, music is a form of self-expression. Music helps us make sense of what we feel when we cannot find the right words to say. Heck, our need for self-expression has become a booming business to music streaming sites like Spotify that they curated a playlist for every activity there is: making out, long drives, throwbacks, even walking at the mall. It has become a part of our day-to-day mainly because it makes the stresses bearable, if not enjoyable.

music has therapeutic effectsBut music goes deeper than being an instant stress relief. For some, learning music can also be a form of healing.  Like NYC/NJ piano lessons, it works in a number of ways to address various needs. At its core, listening to music with strong rhythm gives an endorphin boost and improves breathing and heart rate. It relaxes not only the mind but also the tensed muscles we are unconsciously clenching when we are under stress.

This therapy has a rather holistic approach. By playing the right tunes, the therapist intends to touch our psychological, spiritual, mental, and physical frailties to heal our visible and invisible wounds. Numerous studies have proven its effectiveness in the following conditions:

Prenatal music therapy

You must have seen pictures floating around of a pregnant woman with headphones on her baby bump. At the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus’ ear structure is already fully developed, which means they can already respond to auditory stimuli. At 26 weeks gestation, fetus’ heartbeat can already respond to sounds outside the womb. Soon at 33, their breathing can already adjust to the vibration in the music. And by 38, they can already make various movements according to the type of music they are listening to. This therapy is usually offered to expecting women to assist in the brain development of the baby before birth and strengthen the bond between mother and child.

Therapy for preemie babies

The familiar sound of mom’s voice along with some musical rhythm has been proven by numerous clinical trials to stabilize a preemie baby’s heart rate and breathing. Furthermore, a baby born at 37 weeks gestation has a higher risk of developmental delays. Listening to their mom’s voice at this age, whether live or recorded, can improve the child’s sucking reflex, sleep, and their “active” alert time.

Music-based therapy for children with special needs

listening to music as a form of relaxationThere are various techniques on how to use the power of music on children with developmental delays. But no matter the approach, music is often used in pediatrics because it is a multi-sensory experience that stimulates different parts of the brain all at once.

According to the Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, when a child plays music, even if it is just a simple tapping on a desk, the sensory, prefrontal, auditory, visual, and motor cortices along with the cerebellum, amygdala, and hippocampus light up all at once.

Music for Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Music therapy is one of the most effective interventions among seniors who are suffering from cognitive declines like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is so widely used that in Canada alone, 65% of music therapists work with this population. According to a study headed by Alicia Ann Clair, people suffering from dementia exhibit the following benefits when they listen to music: changes in facial expression and tension, vocal activity, increased eye contact, and sometimes even physical movement.

Music in physical rehabilitation

Listening to music can aid in physical rehabilitation by facilitating relaxation, improving motor coordination, providing motivation for movement exercises, developing communication abilities, and encouraging social interaction mainly with the therapist. There are different types of music to suit one’s treatment goals. But whether it is recorded or played live, music certainly boosts the patients’ willpower, giving them the energy to undertake little tasks on the way to getting better.

Music therapy for stress and anxiety management

Stress is a part of life, but it will not kill you unless you let it take over you. It is not a secret that our inability to cope with external stressors can escalate our chances of developing life-threatening diseases like hypertension, coronary artery disease, gastrointestinal problems, to name a few. One of the cheapest ways to prevent or deal with these unavoidable circumstances is by listening to calming music. For persons with stress and anxiety disorders, mellow tunes have been proven to provide relaxation and outlet for expression and improve the body responses.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Washer and Dryer

Nowadays, a washing machine and a dryer are one of the common necessities in most households. It helps to cut down your time and energy you spend doing laundry. But at present, with so many options and so many features, it has really become a difficult task to choose the right one for you.

While you are planning to buy a new washer or a dryer, you will find that it is loaded with many features. But you have to be tricky while choosing the right one for you. Though the market is brimming with some of the best choices of these appliances, should you go for a stacked set, top load or front load, or all-in-one washers and dryers?

There are endless questions. But it is you who know better which appliance is perfect for you depending upon the size of your family and the quantity of your laundry. The following are some of the features that you will look for in your washing machine.

  • Loading Capacity

Doing laundry can be a tedious choreYou must have to be very careful while choosing the washing machine with the right capacity. As overloading your washer will give you an unsatisfied cleaning and if your machine is not properly filled, then it will waste a lot of electricity and water. So, you have to choose a washer that is just appropriate for you considering loads of your laundry.

  • Extended Spin

If your machine is featured with an extra spin cycle, then it’s great for heavy items like towels and comforters. It squeezes the excess water from these heavy items and helps these bulky items to dry faster.

  • Extra rinse cycle

This feature of your machine ensures to remove extra dirt and detergent from your clothes. It gives an additional rinse at the end of the cycle to ensure that the dust, dirt, and excess detergent are thoroughly flushed out. It is a good option if any of your family members are prone to allergy or have sensitive skin.

  • The material of the drum

Don’t get overwhelmed by seeing the outer beauty and design of your washer. Carefully examine the internal set up also. Mainly the drum, as all your dirty stuff is going to be washed inside the machine.

The drums having the stainless steel body are the most choice able for the washers as they are the smoothest and the long lasting material. They are mostly found in the H-E washing machines. Moreover, there is also porcelain finished and plastic tubs.  But they have their own disadvantages. The porcelain wash tubs can wear away over time while the plastic wash tubs are not suitable for the high-speed spin cycles.

  • Automatic water levels

If your machine is featured with this feature of automatic water levels, then you can save a lot on your water bills. Some of the new models of washers have sensors to tell you how full your machine is, so that, you can adjust the water level accordingly. It would be a brilliant idea to buy one such model as you can lower the waste of water.

Do you have forgetful people in your family?

Most of the washing machines lock the loading door and takes a pretty long time to unlock. So, it becomes difficult for you to throw cleaning stuff into your machine once your machine is turned on. And in most of the families, there might be some forgetful person who might always forget the last sock or decides at the last moment that some soiled clothes are still left to be given into the machine.

If so, make sure to go for a washing machine where the door can be easily opened after the cycle has been started. In some of the new machines, there is also one small inbuilt door into the main door which helps you to toss in some of your unclean clothes that are forgotten even if the cycle is running.

If you have decided to buy a specific model of dryer, you must look for these following features while buying the same.

  • Capacity

Capacity is a vital point that you have to look for your dryer. Firstly, you have to notice whether they are capable of holding more laundry items than your washer or not. That’s because when your clothes are wet, they become fluffier and take up more space to dry.

If the size of your dryer is smaller than your washer, then you have to dry your wet clothes in shifts. To avoid this problem just go for a dryer whose size is about double the size of your washer. If you regularly have to wash a good quantity of clothes, then it is wise to go for an extra-large capacity.

  • Moisture Sensor

It acts just like the sensors of the washing machines. It tells you how much water is required to fill the tank. Moreover, it also tells you how damp your clothes are so that you can adjust the drying time. It prevents your fabrics from being over-dried thereby saving energy and money.

  • NSF Certified

If your dryer is NSF certified, it guarantees to kill about 99% bacteria while drying your clothes.

  • Stainless Steel Drum

Just like the washing machine you can also opt for a dryer with a stainless steel drum to ensure that it can absorb the maximum odor. It can also reduce the static cling in your clothes.

Washer warrantyIs a warranty needed?

Almost every appliance comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer. However, some of the reputed companies also provide an extended warranty on the motors of washing machines and the drums of dryers. This extended warranty period is really beneficial for you when a lump sum amount is related to your purchase.

However, if your machine or dryer is way past the warranty period, always keep the phone number for washer/dryer unit repairs in Dallas handy. For any technical assistance or consultation, you can call them and find out what’s wrong with your machine and get it working in no time.

Washers and dryers are quite big appliances. So, sometimes you might find it difficult to get them into your house easily. Whatever may be the type of your machine, be sure to keep an extra space of four to six inches behind the washer and dryer to adjust the hook-ups. Also, don’t forget to keep an inch or so around the sides and top to ensure proper air flow and making an easy movement.

Moreover, stackable dryers and washers come in small models. It is ideal for a small family having lighter loads of laundry. But they too have certain cons. The control panel of the dryer and the drum are elevated. So, this feature may add some trouble to the short height people as they might find it difficult to pull the last item out from the dryer.

Loaded by Velvet Underground

The absolute opposite of 1968’s White Light/White Heat and it’s manic and mangled pitch-black mess of driving rock, 1970’s Loaded finds The Velvet Underground delivering without question their brightest, sunniest, and most downright fun disc yet. One that, while sounding more like the work of chief songwriter Lou Reed than a full-band effort, nevertheless stands proudly alongside the Velvets’ other masterworks.

Lou Reed with Velvet UndergroundLoaded’s Lou Reed-Driven Sound

Which isn’t to say that lead-vocalist and guitarist Reed dominates the entire album and band (rounded out by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Doug Yule, guitarist Sterling Morrison, and drummer Maureen Tucker). Far from it, as all the band members’ contributions are just as present as they were on the chaotic full-band blow-out of White Light/White Heat (if not more so, thanks to the Loaded’s clean but not overly-glossy sound).

Rather, it’s that Reed’s driving songwriting has never been as focused and hook-laden as it is on Loaded, where the riffs drive with a plowing momentum, the guitar-leads soar and sway with a confident swagger, the bass rumbles along with a locomotive force, and the drums pound with more muscle and precision than ever before.

The Velvet Underground’s Diverse Pop-Rock Vibe

An exhilarating and intoxicating combination that leads to some of the band’s very finest and most outright catchy material as certainly is the case with the album’s opening one-two-three punch of “Who Loves The Sun,” “Sweet Jane,” and “Rock And Roll.” All of which soar and rock out with a tight focus and attention to detail unrivaled by the act’s earlier work (excellent though it all is).

But, and as has always been the case with the VU, rocking out is merely one item on the band’s agenda for the album’s diverse ten tracks and forty-minute running time. One that also includes deeply emotional, intimate, and at times evenly subtly humorous numbers like the touching “I Found A Reason” (complete with a spoken word love-letter of verse) and the subtly-epic brooders “New Age” and “Oh, Sweet Nothin’.”

Meanwhile, Reed and co. continues to find exciting variations on their rock and roll sound, as in the case of the Stones-esque vibe of the fun little shuffle “Cool It Down”, the roots-rock and country-leaning pop-rocker “Lonesome Cowboy Bill”, the galloping force of “Head Held High”, and the searing blues-rock of “Train Around The Bend”.

In Closing

But above all else, what makes Loaded succeed as strongly as it does is the fact that, throughout every one of it’s pop-leaning and strong as ever tracks, the Velvet Underground never abandon the rock and roll sound and uncompromisingly adventurous spirit that made them so great, to begin with. If anything, the disc finds them stronger and more focused than ever before, making it all the more fitting as the VU’s swan song.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Roots to Fruition: Let People Decide its Fate

So, rock ‘n’ roll music was really gathering steam as the 1970’s passed. Born in the late 1940’s and 1950’s as a mix of many musical elements, the musical genre became ever more popular throughout the 1960’s and into the early ’70’s, defining an entire generation of young people along the way. Then, somewhere along the line, the whole thing sort of went off the tracks. And it’s just starting to get back on now.

I was rolling merrily along in the 70’s, really enjoying new musical developments, and evolving into something of a prog-rocker with a special affinity for bands like Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, et al. To me, progressive rock was the culmination of rock ‘n’ roll music – sort of like our era’s answer to the great classical music of earlier ages. To me, it was brilliant stuff that seemed headed for a bright future in the world of Clockwork Orange.

Rock n Roll icons of the pastBut what I didn’t see was the complete and total takeover of the music industry by large corporations that stopped letting the public decide its own musical tastes and, instead, started to decide those musical tastes for it. The music gradually became sort of a second fiddle to the cult of celebrity that the big record companies worked to create.

Big Changes Were Coming

It all changed in the mid ’70’s. Mainstream music seemed to sort of tear itself apart. One part was the slick, over-produced, brash musical form that came to be known as disco, while the other was a complete and total reaction to the over-commercialization of the music biz – the raw, enervated, emotionally-charged musical form known as punk. And, really, what we have today in mainstream music is the end game for both of these genres.

I was horrified when this happened. I was surely not a fan of the glitzy world of disco, but I also treated the punk world with disdain because I thought the music was substandard. And I really wasn’t into the crudity of it all….didn’t like the spitting on the audience, crude gestures and utter vulgarity of the whole scene. These days, I think differently.

I am, in fact, a big fan of most punk music today and now feel I understand the genre better than when it first burst on the scene and I was a young guy. I can see that the rage and anger of the punk movement against overproduction and commercialization were a wonderfully positive part of music history. Sid Vicious really had it together. His message was a good one and we should have listened.

Mostly Vapid but with Bright Spots

Today, a huge amount of the rock ‘n’ roll music that the industry throws at us has become vapid. But there are also bright spots. The Internet and Youtube have changed the rules of the game – they’ve got the record companies constantly playing catch-up to what is popular instead of programming us with their latest mindless melodies. These days, if you can get a piece of music together and video it, you can put it up on Youtube, and it could go viral. And if that happens, the record companies will be beating a path to your door. Believe it or not, we’re actually getting to decide what we want to listen to – not some record company executive in a corner office somewhere.

It’s a brave, new world out there in the music business and I kind of like it. I don’t like a lot of the new music, but that’s probably because I’m an old guy and not in touch. I do like the use of the internet to give the masses some control over what’s popular and what’s not. It means we’re starting to have some say in our own affairs again. And that’s happening in almost every aspect of society these days, and I think it’s a good thing

What to Do When Hosting a Radio Interview

Professional and experienced interviewers seem to make each and every interview they do easy. The always ask the questions every listener wants to ask. This applies whether as a viewer watching on television, or a listener listening to the interview on the radio, as a podcast or as an MP3 download. The interview, depending of course on the type of interview as music interviews will differ from political interviews, becomes a simple and effective conversation the listener is always part of, no matter who is being interviewed.

Selena Gomez on the radio boothDo the Research

So how do successful interviewers achieve the best from their subjects? Highly successful hosts and big-name interviewers with a huge audience may have a host of researchers doing the job for them, and the freelance interviewer or student beginning a career in radio may have limited funds and do all the work themselves but the end result is the same. A good interview often depends on good research.

  • Do the research
  • Know about the subject
  • Interviewing an author – always read the book.
  • Look into the background of any interviewee or story
  • Learn as much about the subject as time allows
  • No time spend researching is ever wasted

The research work may point to some interesting and often unexpected angles to the interview, and whilst the listener doesn’t expect the interviewer to be an expert on every subject, they should at least be knowledgeable.

Before the Interview

Spontaneity has its place in most interviews as in any good conversation but to achieve a good discussion, being prepared is key – always. This preparation should include some of the following:

  • From the research have some questions ready but be prepared to react to the answers
  • For studio interviews always test the equipment beforehand
  • For remote interviews arrive early and allow some time to set-up
  • Check battery and/or mains availability
  • Use clean or erased discs, make sure there’s enough memory for the whole recording
  • Test the ‘line,’ if the recording is on ISDN or similar equipment
  • Check the microphone(s) are working!

The interviewer should be comfortable with the recording equipment or being in a recording environment, and the best way to achieve that is through use or practice. Use the equipment, test the results, try and find improvements in different ways of recording before the actual interview takes place.

The Interview

Anyone being interviewed, even if they’ve been interviewed numerous times before, will take a little time to adapt to the situation. Anyone not used to it will be conscious of the microphone and the questioning. Both novice and experienced interviewees will react to the person interviewing them and the position they find themselves in. A relaxed interviewee will give a far better recording and there are a number of ways to conduct the interview to achieve this.

Why Listening to Radio is Way Better Than Watching TV

The radio is one of the oldest kinds of popular media, widely available since the early 1920s. Today, however, television is the most popular form of broadcasting. Despite this, radio has many advantages over TV which are easily overlooked.

Gathering around the radio in 1925The Cost of Watching Television

The first of these is obvious: cost. On top of the price of a good-quality television set, viewers are obliged to pay a yearly fee for the privilege of watching TV. This is not a subscription to satellite or cable channels; it is a legal requirement to pick up TV signals and must be paid every year. If a person attempts to dodge this, they can be prosecuted and fined. A good digital (DAB) radio can be purchased for much less than this amount, with entry-level digital radios priced at around $30. This is a one-off payment. There is no fee for listening to radio. An analog radio (FM/LW) is even cheaper, but is lower-quality and picks up fewer stations.

In addition to these initial expenses, TV viewers are more subject to developing technology than radio listeners. After VHS, the recorded film became available on DVD. Then came high-definition and Blu-ray. Now, an even more expensive generation of TV viewing is up for grabs: 3D. To keep up with these advances, viewers are forced to re-purchase their entire collections of film. And there is the cost of extra TV channels, which are available by monthly subscription.

Radio Has More Variety

At such rate of expense, it would seem that TV must have significant advantages over the radio. This is arguably not the case. A common complaint of viewers is repeated programs, and despite hundreds of channels, a lack of variety in viewing choice. Many programs are merely spin-offs of others, following the same basic story-line. Not so for the radio: the majority of stations do not broadcast repeats, instead offering a “listen-again” feature accessible online. Many stations also make their programs available as free downloads in the form of podcasts.

Radio caters to a wide variety of tastes, from literature to gardening to all genres of music. For the low cost of a digital broadcast versus the various expenses incurred by television, the quality of the radio is relatively much higher than what is available on TV. It is informative, intelligent and highly entertaining — an art form in itself.

Additionally, the larger radio stations do not intersperse their programs with advertisements. Many of the smaller stations which do, such as Classic FM and Planet Rock, keep their advertisements relevant to the program (for example, news about upcoming concerts).

Radio is Safer Than Television

One obvious drawback of radio is that it cannot provide visual information. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage: a radio program allows the listener to carry on with other tasks safely. For example, it would be hazardous to watch television while driving. Listening to the radio is unobtrusive and does not impinge on the driver’s observation, making it no less safe to listen to the radio while driving than listening to a favorite album of music.

Is Radio Really Better Than TV?

Radio is an entirely different medium to television. In some ways it is more demanding: for example, listening to a radio play requires a far greater use of imagination than watching the same performance being acted out. This will not suit everyone: for a person who is used to being presented with constant visual information, radio programs will be something of an acquired taste. Fortunately, almost all radio programs are available online for free, making it possible to explore this media without any extra financial outlay. It’s worth exploring as a cheaper, safer, and more satisfying alternative to watching TV.

Whatever Happened to “Local” Radio?

Easy answer, actually. It’s been eaten alive (or, perhaps, dead) by big media conglomerates. For them, it’s all about bandwidth; he who has the most wins the game. The heck with how they treat the needs of their listeners.

I spent the majority of my working years in radio and TV. Before that, I spent my youth listening to the radio and practicing to be a DJ. I know, I scanned several other articles on here and – surprise! There are others who were doing the same. However, I grew up in a mostly-rural area of the upper Midwest, in the 1950’s and 60’s. That put me just a bit too late for the days of Radio Drama (although I love to listen to it today) and too far from the big cities to enjoy any type of big-time DJ’s, except for what we could hear at night. More on that momentarily. First, for those of you who missed it, a bit of a word picture on what local radio was like in those days.

Inside a local radio stationRadio stations were almost always owned and operated by somebody who lived right there; that owner likely led the sales force and, in many cases, the news team, too. It was hands-on and responsive (and responsible) to the listeners. The main local station my family listened to would be considered “hokey” by today’s standards, but I wish somebody had the guts to try it again. We worked our way through the morning routine, timing ourselves by the regular blocks of programming. It’s been 40 years or more, but I can still remember how KICD Radio would lead us through the morning – weather at 7:30, flying weather at 7:35, sports at 7:40, a phone in quiz/trivia block at 7:50, news (local – not a network)- at 8:00.

The day continued in much the same fashion, but with longer programs. The noon news was longer – 15 minutes, I believe, and obituaries were often the top story. That’s right – obituaries. But, I can tell you, my grandparents never missed it. Along the way, a live, phone-in, recipe exchange (with the host repeating each ingredient twice, so the listeners could be sure to write it down correctly. In the afternoon, an announcer read to the listeners. Yes, he learned from a novel for a full hour. And you thought Oprah’s “Book Club” was an original! Hah!

You knew when the weather was stormy because they had a network of citizen-reporters who watched the skies and tracked where the worst weather was. When weather radar became available, this station was among the first small-town stations to utilize it.

Korean Beauty Secrets to Survive the Winter

Winters can be harsh in South KoreaSouth Korea is not only famous for its fantastic food, fast forward fashion, and innovative beauty products. It is an archipelago set against the thoroughfare of easterly and westerly winds. Also, it’s infamous for its harsh winter beset with high winds, non-stop rain, and heavy snowfall. Many people equate winter with Russia, but most don’t realize how unforgiving the winter is in South Korea with temperatures that can drop to minus 25.

South Koreans epitomize the fact that no one should put winter as an excuse to dress like a wasted drab. Even in January, the height of winter, the streets of Seoul will not be without the women’s super-short skirts, high boots, and sheer leggings, and the men’s skinny jeans, tiny coats, and oversized scarves. Items that look weird when seen alone look amazingly good when put together by many young South Koreans.

If fashion is far from understated during winter, more so is the Koreans’ beauty regime. Because of the country’s cruel winters, beauty and makeup products are continually updated and improved to match the needs of consumers. Companies have to keep on innovating to get by with global warming that is increasingly getting worse at an unprecedented rate.

What are the Koreans’ beauty secrets for surviving winter? And what can we learn from them? Here are top tips from a country that has given birth to BB creams, and lipstick tattoos:

1. Use serum religiously

Many South Koreans swear by serum. A product rich in Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It is applied to the face and neck after putting on a skin toner. There are different types of serums to choose from, as a part of the steps to the Peach & Lily skin care. But the thicker versions are advisable during winter. So moisture is better absorbed by the skin. This product can be used in the morning and evening to help the skin fight against dryness that winter always certainly brings.

Serums with a touch of honey are all the more recommended in winter. Because they do not only moisturize the skin but can also rejuvenate and hydrate it for hours. Hydration is so important in winter when the weather is so dry.

Hydrated skin makes a difference2. Put on a sleeping mask—and don’t forget the lips, too!

Putting on a sleeping mask is part and parcel of the everyday Korean beauty regimen. And the reason for this is to add an extra layer of protection against dryness as you sleep. In winter, this additional layer is even more critical because of the heater in the room which can undoubtedly siphon off moisture from your skin.

Traditional sleeping masks only cover the skin; but now, even lips are covered. Lips are the first to go dry during winter, so it’s just right also to put on protection for the lips even as you sleep. Make sure that the sleeping mask contains aloe vera, charcoal, or snail as these help you moisturize naturally. Stay away from masks that have alcohol-based ingredients on them.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen

Even in the dead of winter and without sunshine for hours ‘til end, do not forget to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, and these UV rays do not go together with sunlight. It can penetrate your skin even without the sight of the sun.

Great skin augments winter fashionIn winter, it’s best to use gel-based sunscreen because it will still allow your skin to breathe. When you use cream-based sunblock, the moisture gets trapped in your skin. And while you also want this during winter, your pores need to breathe, too, for good circulation to occur.

Winter may be harsh in South Korea, but the beauty industry continues to keep pace with the needs of locals and foreigners living in this country. If you’re new to Korea and traveling in winter, it’s also advisable to ask a local on strategies on how to survive this season with style—and in good health.

Be Warned on SEO Scams

For as long as I can remember, the world revolves around the good, the bad, and the ugly. It doesn’t matter how much we try to hide and deny it, the fact that it is true still does not and will not change. Sometimes, even someone who looks and acts sincerely kind can have the darkest intentions. Nothing is ever really that safe in this world anymore that’s why it is important for us to be very careful and aware whether we are being taken advantage of already or even before it happens.

always verify to avoid scamsThis does not just happen in the daily world of human interaction because it also occurs in the world of commerce. A business is a business, but some few are smart enough to get ahead of you in a bad way. For example, companies that offer services can either deliver very well or not that much, like these NYC home contractor mentioned by Governor Cuomo. Sometimes, the price paid varies depending on the quality of service or even a product that is offered. Then there are others who ask you for either low or high price and gives you nothing in return. They could even hurt and harm your business in a way which is something that you should never allow.

Regarding SEO services like, picking the right company can be a challenge. However, knowing when a corporation is just trying to scam you is another. Through this list that we came up with, you might just be able to see through them if they are about to take money out of your pocket or if it’s going to be a worthy investment. Here are some of the things that you should not forget to spot a scam.

1. Too good to be true – This saying has been quite old but it the truth in it is timeless. You have probably already had that experience where you feel a hunch within, and you already know that it seems unreal. It’s the same with having such a wonderful thing happen to you that it becomes unbelievable, except- this one hasn’t happened yet but just imagining it seems impossible but beautiful already. Yes, it’s good, and it would be great if it’s true, but you have to understand that SEO is not easy and it isn’t magic. It takes time, and it takes effort plus consistency. You have to remember that an SEO company that offers realistic probable results are a lot way more reliable than those who give you what you want to hear because making it happen is something else.

2. Connection – When they start telling you that they “know somebody at Google,” you should already start running. First, knowing somebody inside Google or any other search engine companies does not help at all because they are under contract where they have agreed to confidentiality terms and trying to break any of them will certainly get them into trouble. Second, if they did know somebody, how much do they pay that person just to get him to do what they want? I mean, come on- a man won’t be able to do that much against a whole company with a bunch of other experts. It’s unethical, and it’s degrading. There is no need for you to deal with such and get connected with someone who just either straight out lies to you or is purely nasty.

3. Submission – There are a lot of search engines that you can use, but even if you start listing them all out, it probably won’t reach hundreds. If they tell that they are going to submit your website to hundreds of search engines; know that it’s a lie. Honestly, I only have Google, Yahoo, and MSN in mind. Although I am aware that there’s more, what difference does it do if you find a hundred search engines if it’s not the one that most of the people use? Do your research and try to understand the basics. This would then help you out when someone tries to trick you into believing that they can do more.

Can Exercise Balance Hormones?

When we think about hormones, we usually think of a woman unleashing the fury on everyone on her PMS. Periods can be pretty frustrating for us women. A pimple on the chin, the irritability, the feeling that you are always tired – hormonal imbalance can be maddening at that time of the month.

acne and back acne are signs of hormal imbalanceBut do you know that hormonal imbalance does not only happen to women and is not exclusive on progesterone and estrogen?

Hormones are produced by a team of glands in the body called the endocrine system. These organs include the thyroid, ovaries, testicles, pituitary, pancreas, and adrenals. These glands secrete hormones to the blood stream for the arteries to transport it to the rest of your body. They are the chemical messengers of the body that play a huge part in a person’s overall health.

If you are always tired, having unexplained weight gain/loss, or you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, chances are you could be suffering from hormonal imbalance. Other symptoms include depression and anxiety, changes in appetite, digestive issues, sleep disruption, and low libido.

The good news is, if you are not fond of chemical treatments, you can balance your hormones through exercise. Here are exercises you can do to get the blood flowing:

Circuit training

Circuit training gets your heart pumped by providing different exercises in a single set with little rest. According to Trophy Fitness Club personal training, The goal of this is to keep your heart rate high throughout the workout that has 8-10 stations requiring 10-25 reps each. This is proven to improve insulin response, stimulate growth hormone, and boost testosterone in men.


yoga relieves stress in womenYoga is proven to lower blood cortisol levels, reduce adrenalin, and stimulate GABA, the “downer” neurotransmitter, that is why you feel calm after sessions. Yoga improves the mood and lessens anxiety by shifting you from the sympathetic “fight or flight” to the parasympathetic nervous system or “rest and digest.” So if you are experiencing mood swings and extreme anxiety, or you just want to get rid of the ab fat, you ought to give this a try. Sign up for a yoga session or buy a DVD and do it at home one to two times a week.

Body-strength workout with cardio

If you want to burn more overall fat, you should try lifting weights before cycling. A body-strength workout followed by a cardio exercise burns 10 percent more fat compared to simply going straight to the latter, a study from the University of Tokyo found. This process also produces more growth hormone. If your schedule does not permit having both at the same time, you can always do them separately but keep in mind to go for the strength training first.

Lift heavyweights

personal trainer helps you achieve the correct formIf it is your first time to lift heavy weights, make sure to do it with a professional trainer around to prevent any injuries. Fewer repetitions with heavier weights produce more growth hormones than doing higher reps with moderate weights. In a similar study from the University of Connecticut, women who underwent high-intensity strength training with aerobic exercise had more growth hormones in six months compared to those who did a lighter version.

To get the maximum benefits for your hormones, you should accompany your high-intensity workouts with protein- and carbohydrate-rich foods an hour before and 45 minutes after your session. Challenge yourself to avoid fat and energy drinks as well. This way, you will get a raw energy that will not only improve hormone levels but also encourage muscle gains.

If you are unsure of the proper way to do these workouts, but you want to work on your hormones, you can always refer to a personal trainer. They could help you identify which is the most efficient way to tackle specific hormone problems and they will guide you throughout the whole process.